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Unreal engine animation Design

XPeng P5 Global Launch 2021 (XR)



​按照导演提供的动画概念,我们需要做的是将P5 整辆车炸开,高亮显示中间车体骨架的部分,并通过按键执行回复

拿到车模型后,我们发现700万面模型,上万个零件。这真的是一次巨大的挑战,通过内部讨论,我们决定,整理模型,把不需要的模型进行隐藏删除,将部分零件整合到一起,减少零件个数,只是整理模型我们就用了7天时间,顺利导入到Unreal engine后,我们将整理好的几百个零件进行分组 模拟炸开动画,这次的项目非常考究整个工艺流程!


To ensure the reflection of vehicles in the overall project, we used 270-degree circle screen + circular sky screen to ensure the reflection of vehicles, and 4 RX rendering sets and 2 VX sets as the output to achieve 4K real-time XR shooting. With the cooperation of Show Plus technology and Joint Vision, we have made another evolution in this XR production.


SBF's automotive product XR solution has been able to achieve the whole process of automobile advertising and automobile launch coverage and can ensure the real-time effect and great results. Through continuous accumulation of experience and technology, our XR creation and production capabilities continue to upgrade, we are looking forward to the next time up soon.


Credit List


Brand / Client - XPeng

Agency - BAC


E. Producer - David Ran

E. Creative Director – Kaism

Production Advisor - Jason Kirby

Project Manager - Vera Zheng


Creative, Content & Scene Development 

Director - Kaism, DB Gao

Art Directors – Lock Yi, Daxiang, Anqi, Lang M

Lead UE Artists / Teams - B-ART, Azhan, Pulla, 3 Particle, Xiao G

Lead UE blueprint: HCG

Scene Design & Animation Support – Xiao G, Kee, Yang Lim, Fukun


XR Production

On Site Production Director - DB Gao

Unit Production Manager - Da Ming, Xiao Liang

Technical Director - Duke Yang

System & Construction - Showplus, Joint Vision

DOP - Wei

Gaffer – Xing Jing Feng


XR KOL Films

Director - Xiaolei Zhang, Lu Mi

Producer - Vikki Fang

Set & Props - Wu


Opening Film

Lead - Lock Yi, Min Min

Producer - Charlotte Chong

Lead CG Artist - Taozi
CG Artist – Zheng Yu, Kee, Dong Yang, DaiSun


All Films

Film Editors – Lumi, XiaoLei, Wang He, Yuan Yuan

Audio Mixing – Shuai Shuai

Color Grading – YY


Produced at Super Bonfire with production support & partners – Showplus, Joint Vision, Pulla, 3 Particle, Tenline, Ninetysix MP.


GIOCHITECH R & D Center Sdn Bhd

Unreal engine 技术研发中心

A-03-13A, Tropicana Avenue, No.12 Persiaran Tropicana, PJU3 Tropicana Golf &Country Resort 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.




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