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Unreal engine Environment Design

Alan Walker x Au/Ra x Torine | NIO Day


Jason Kirby CEO of Super Bonfire:“从我们收到 NIO 的简报并联系 Alan Walkers 团队的那一刻起,到我们与 80six 在英国完成拍摄的那一天不到 3 周!

非常荣幸,与全球最顶级的制作团队合作,我们GIOCHITECH 团队参与了Unreal engine虚拟场景设计,非常精彩的三周也是难忘的一段时间,以惊人的速度完成整个作品。非常感谢这次合作,期待下次的深入合作!

- Man On The Moon

- Out Of Love

- Sweet Dreams

- Running Out Of Roses

- Hello World (Coming soon)

全程五首歌,我们 GIOCHITECH 团队拿到《Running Out Of Roses》这首歌的虚拟背景设计,根据导演的要求,配色以及灯光要根据现场音乐的节奏进行律动,主歌副歌的部分,以及音乐高潮部分,由不同的色系现场切换,同时灯光上的变化也要同时跟随音乐动画制作,5天内完成初稿设计,这样的要求对于我们团队算一次挑战了,经过讨论我们团队分工合作,美术程序 同时进行设计开发,并不断的磨合作品实现的可行性方案。现场拍摄在英国,所有团队根据英国时间现场跟踪拍摄待命现,远程修改。

A Viral XR performance by SBF

This international tour de force production with teams spanning across the UK, Malaysia and China, came to life in just eight days of production, prompted by a brief that asked to create a mixed reality ‘alternative universe’ in line with Alan Walker's disruptive cinematic vision.


The ambitious xR performance boasting more than 3 million views on Youtube, skillfully merged 80six's leading extended reality expertise and experience in the integration of real-time technologies with Super Bonfire's creative team in delivering high-value multimedia content.


Realized in collaboration with artists Au/ra and Torine for NIO day, the live performance features five songs in surrealist 3D virtual sets with interactive mixed reality elements such as emerald planets with AR drones, an icy rotating Moon embossed with the artist’s logo and other ethereal graphic elements synchronized to Alan’s beats.

Technical Aspect

Filmed at Virtual Production Studios by 80six in a single day, the artists performed on the largest xR stage built to date by the 80six team, with a 15m wide ROE Black Marble LED floor structure, and 5m height surrounding walls by ROE Black Onyx HDR. The LED screens run on Brompton Technology and ROE Evision EV4 for image processing.


The award-winning technology suite supporting the xR workflow was powered by disguise media servers: VX4s and RX2, Unreal Engine, Notch paired with the optical camera tracking system Mo-sys StarTracker and a Technocrane on which the SONY Venice camera was mounted. disguise's ground-breaking virtual zoom allowed to zoom in and out of each scene, shooting in a virtual space largely extended beyond the physical limits of the LED screens. 


80six and Super Bonfire proved that xR technologies can be relied upon to deliver outstanding visual content even with a limited pre-production time whilst avoiding the perils intrinsic to such a new set of immersive technologies.

Full Credit List


Client: NIO

Lead Agency: CA

Creative Director: Victor Hu

Account Manager: Lucia

Team: Yi Teng, Lin




Director: Kristian Berg 

Director: Mads Neset 

Producer: Madeleine Kviljo 

Executive Producer: Gunnar Greve 

Director of Photography: Morten Forsberg 

Musical Director: James Daniel Njie Eriksen 

Backline & Playback Engineer: Nikolaj Gloppen 

BTS Photo: Mo Sarmadawy 

Edit: Mads Neset 

Edit: Kristian Berg 

Logger: Sondre Fagerborg 

Colorist: Didrik Bråthen 

VFX: Wirat Johannessen 




Executive Producer: Jason Kirby 

Project Manager: David Ran, Shukri Yunos 

Lead Producer: Charlotte Chong 

Creative Director: Kaism Lim 

Animation / VFX Director: Azhan Karim, Kaism Lim 

Art Director: Zhao Xiang Li 

Style Frame Design: Zhao Xiang Li, Azhan Karim, Miao Lang 

Online Team: San Nai Video 

Editor: Lumi, Yuan Yuan 

Disguise Support & Consultation: Cesar Caceres

XR Technical Director: Carl Loo 

UE Lead: Bart, Nini Tan 

UE Artist: Azhan Karim, Madnas, Syazwan Nazzaruddin 

Blueprint Engineer: Hao Chen Guang, Benny Chong 

Notch Creative Animation: Anius 

Notch Animator: Bauce 

CG Leads: Kaism Lim, Azhan Karim 

Lead Compositors: Azhan Karim, Madnas, Syazwan Nazzaruddin, Zhang Min Min, Guo Zhen Yu 

3D Animation: Azhan Karim 

Animation Support: Lv Dong Yang

BTS Edit: Lumi




Production Director: Dan Hamill 

XR Producer: Petra von Schalien 

Executive Producer: Jack James 

Technical Director: Paul Nicholls 

Project Manager: Mark Rooney 

Systems Engineer: Laurence Dobie, Pete Hume 

Brompton Engineer: Stuart Thatcher 

LED Technicians: Jules Blagg, Adam Barthorpe 

Disguise Support: Annalisa Terranova 

Unreal Artist (on-set): Antonino Scodrani, He Sun 

Notch Artist (on-set): Alex Wilson 

Mo-sys Technician: Martin Parsley, Asi San 

Gaffa: Gary Churchil 

Rigger: Tim Williams 

Audio: Sonny Evans, Andy Carrington 

1st AD: George Nelson 

1st AC: Mike Linforth 

2nd AC. Liam Reardon 

DIT: Moses Jeremiah 

Video Playback: Philippe Clavier 

Remote Head Operator: James Davis 

Grip 1: Tony Shults 

Grip 2: Michael Farrell 

Grip 3: David Bradshaw 

Crane Technician: Tim Plunket 

Hair & Make-Up: Carla Ramsey 

Runner: Melina Bryant


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